Cobra 19DXIV 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB Radio

Generally, the CB radio is an essential equipment for every driver those who want to take the long travel or safe journey. In the CB radio, the people are looking the small and compact design why because it is easy to install within a small amount of space.

Based on the demand, several manufacturing companies released compact design of the CB radio to the market. So, it is very tough to find the best compact design. But, don’t worry. Choose this Cobra 19DXIV 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB Radio. Based on the customer expectations, this CB was designed so definitely, it is the greatest choice for you. Amazingly! It comes at the compact size.

Features of the Cobra 19DXIV 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB Radio:

Cobra 19DXIV 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB RadioActually, the designers have introduced the several features in it. Few of them we will discuss below,

  • Fast access:

This CB radio contains the 40 channels completely. In that, the emergency channels, as well as the information channels, are quite important. To get easy access, the designers have created this CB radio using the latest technology so you can instantly access both of the channels quickly at any time you want.

  • Convenience:

In this CB radio holds with the dynamic microphone. It simply works great. With the help of this dynamic microphone, you can communicate with others loud as well as clear. Furthermore, it will not offer the noise while you communicate with the others.


  1. It is easy to install in all types of vehicles.
  2. It does not take more time to install.
  3. The size is too small.


  1. The LCD display of this CB radio is small.


However, if you need to buy this CB radio, then buy it through the web and save the 47% of money with it.

Cobra 19DXIV 40 Channel Mobile Compact CB Radio

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