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ERF-2030 MOSFET Final Transistor

Manufacturer: A-1 Telecom
SKU: ERF2030
Condition: New
Unit of Measure: each
Price: $4.95
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ERF-2030 MOSFET Final Transistor
ERF-2030 MOSFET Final Transistor 

ERF-2030 Features...

1) The ERF-2030 is a 25 watt* transistor - therefore, it is not just a replacement part,

but also an UPGRADE to the old Mitsubishi parts.

Example: EKL Components has a documented modification for turning a Galaxy 33 into a

50 watt radio using the 3pcs of the ERF-2030 and 2 companion parts.

2) The ERF-2030 is not an ‘electrical drop-in replacement’ for the 2SC2166, 2SC1969,

and 2SC2312. However, circuit modifications on most radios are minimal and

documentation is readily available for FREE.

3) The ERF-2030 is a ‘mechanical drop-in replacement’ for the 2SC2166, 2SC1969, and

2SC2312. This means that the ERF-2030 features a TO-220 package with the SAME

pinout configuration as the 2SC2166, 2SC1969, and 2SC2312. Therefore, NO

mechanical modifications to the ERF-2030 are necessary for most installations.

4) EKL Components manufactures a series of companion parts to the ERF-2030. The

EN-1230, EN-369DR, and EN-369FN are available to make radio modifications

easier and maximize performance.



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